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Indie - 4.8% ABV

Our IPA.

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Strummer - 3.8% ABV

A great all year round session bitter.

  • Colour: Amber
  • Aroma: Fresh grass and tropical fruits
  • Taste: A light, hoppy and easy drinking bitter with a good moreish malty character and mellow hints of citrus to finish
Skiffle logo

Skiffle - 4.5% ABV

A full flavoured premium session ale

  • Colour: Chestnut
  • Aroma: Caramel and toasted nuts
  • Taste: Full bodied with complex, rich malty flavours and a clean dry bitter finish
SIBA Silver 2016 Award
Blondie logo

Blondie - 4% ABV

A beautifully balanced blonde beer with refreshing fruity hops and moorish biscuity malt flavours.

The Cure logo

The Cure - 3.6% ABV

A traditional twany bitter.

  • Taste: Toffee Malt with a good balance of english hops making this a wonderful traditonal best bitter.
Two Tone logo

Two Tone - 3.8% ABV

A satisfying dark mild with dark chocolate and sweet bisuity malt flavours.

Rockabilly logo

Rockabilly - 4.3% ABV

American Pale Ale. Pale amber in colour, moreish malt with refreshing fruity hops and a hint of citrus.

SIBA Gold 2016 Award


All our cask beers are available in 72 pint Firkins, with 36 Pint Pins available on request. Some beers may not bea available all year round so call 07900 268100 or email shorttsfarmbrewery@gmail.com for details.

Burnards Cider

We also offer Burnards locally produced Cider in 36 pint bag in boxes.

Burnards 'Oaky Dokey' Tradition Cider 5.5% - A lovely Rum Cask matured cider made with Norfolk apples - Medium dry with hints of oak and vanilla.

Burnards 'Monty's Double' Traditional Cider 6% - A lovely Clean, Refreshing and Thirst quenching pinkish cider made with Norfolk apples - Easy drinking Medium Dry.

We also offer three specials in addition to the above, keep an eye on our Twitter account @shorttsfarmbrew, Facebook page or call 07900 268100 or email shorttsfarmbrewery@gmail.com for details.


We now supply Strummer and Skiffle as bottle conditioned beers directly from the brewery in boxes of 12 or from the following outlets:

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