The Brewery & Background


Established by Matt Hammond in the summer of 2012 and situated on ‘Shortts Farm’ which has been our family farm for over a century. The farm is located just outside the village of Thorndon in North Suffolk, surrounded by some of the best arable land in the country. We have a five barrel system that was purchased from ‘Hunters Brewery’ in Devon, which is where I spent time training to brew with Paul and the team.

My love of real ale stems firstly from my early teens, starting from my dear old Granddad taking me for a half of mild with his old buddies. A few years later I often used to try and convince my friends to try ales instead of lager when out but they often told me I was being an old man with my love of ale. Luckily things have changed to my advantage somewhat over the last 10 year with real ales having a huge comeback and now catering to a wider market of people both young and old in a variety of venues.

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